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Dear Josie, What would the tranny world be without you? The way you take care of us,gurls, cannot be described in words. Thanks to you (and Suzi of course) I spent last Friday one of the greatest days of my life. I was amazed by the outfit you choose for me,all this combined with fitting undergarments,the lovely boots,the well chosen jewellery and last,but not least, the expertly applied make up. This all transformed me in the woman I always wanted to be and you performed this magic trick.And I felt great all the way till the end. A thousand thanks and lots of kisses, Ruby


Here are just a few Testimonials from just a few of my many satisfied customers :-

Dear Josie,

Thank you for a lovely morning.

I was so pleased when I saw my reflection for the first time.  You really did transform me into the woman I love to be.

Hope to see you again soon




I've spent a good time in your place, I've loved the experience being fully-dressed. At first I was afraid, I haven't talked to anybody about this particular hobby but being with you and later with Jackie made me feel more comfortable.

If I come back to London I hope make you a visit.

Thank you.




Hi Josie,

Thanks for a lovely time last week. Really enjoyed myself.

Here are a few of my favourite pics from the session. 

Cara x

Hi Josie

I visited you back in October. When you dressed me up it was the first time anybody had seen me as a woman and within an hour you and I were sitting in your local cafe surrounded by people! I have to say it was one of the most special and thrilling days of my life. It has given me such a confidence boost and since then I've been extending my wardrobe and have been out again, though only once. One thing my visit did was to inspire me to explore and share my thoughts and feelings more and I have actually started a blog! I am absolutely loving writing it. I wanted to let you know - you can find it at

I'd love to know what you think about it ! I hope I will have time to come up to London early this year to see you- I definitely need some more of your expert advice on makeup!



Hi Josie

Thanks for a very special time in London, it was really a super day.
Here are the photos that you asked for but please do not publish them. Sadly, some of the ones indoors were very blurred and not worth sending.
I passed on your regards to Tracy and she sends her regards back. She says that she was amazed to see the photos and that you did a great job. I was very pleased at Tracy's reaction to seeing them as I had thought that she would be quite negative. I was honestly surprised how cool she was about it all.
You asked if I was interested in making contact with another person in Perth. I do not have a problem with that. To remind 


Hi Josie

Thanks for a very special time in London, it was really a super day.
I passed on your regards to Tracy and she sends her regards back. She says that she was amazed to see the photos and that you did a great job. I was very pleased at Tracy's reaction to seeing them as I had thought that she would be quite negative. I was honestly surprised how cool she was about it all.
Best regards.
Hi Josie,

Thanks for a lovely time last week. Really enjoyed myself.

Here are a few of my favourite pics from the session. 



Hi Josie
Just a quick word of thanks for the company this morning. It was so good to speak to someone who understands what it has been for me all these years. This morning was a dream come true. 
Thanks you for the gracious service and your helpfulness in sending me back on the train. 
Best always



Hi Josie

I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you again for last week. It was a brilliant experience.



Hi Josie
just a little sad
We are just about to flee the southern NZ winter for six weeks in Australia. I suspect few people in UK realise that the winter weather in the south of NZ is very similar to that in mid/north of England. Since mid May we have had very few days that the maximum day time temperature has struggled above 10°C.
The last time we "spoke" to each other was end October/beginning November last year - so why am I writing now? It is because for the first time for four years I will not be coming to UK and, therefore, I will not be able to come to you for a makeover - and I am very sad about that.
Josie you give me, and I am sure your other girls, so much more than your dressing service. You always made me feel that I was special and I absolutely loved the way in which you helped me dress, choose a wig, shoes and, best of all, do my make up. But, most important of all, you treated me as a girl as if that was completely the way it was. For an aging man/tranny like me that gave me a wonderful sense of inner peace.
I do hope the pain of the loss of your brother is beginning to fade. As I have told you I lost a younger brother - now more than two years ago and we are still waiting for the Government bureaucracy to sort out his will! 
Josie please don't feel you have to reply to this rambling email. I have been prompted to write it by our imminent departure on our Australian trip and how very sad I am that I will not be able to come to you for a makeover this year - and so much more that you have given me than just a makeover/dressing service.
Very best wishes to Roy and your family - but, most important, hugs to you
Kiwi Stephanie



Hi Josie

Nothing to say except to thank you for your beautiful, and professional perfection !
We're bonded for life, I'll likely be a 'regular'.



I live in New Zealand but for the last four years I have been in England in August/September which means I have been lucky enough to visit Josie for a makeover each year – and what wonderful experiences each of those visits have been! I am now over 70 and the feminine look Josie is able to achieve with such unpromising “raw material” is astonishing – simply magic!


But that is just the start. Josie really understands girls like us and she is delightful company. If some unfortunate circumstance led to my not being able to go to Josie for a makeover I would still welcome any opportunity to spend time with her just because she is such a nice person. But, of course, so much better if Josie can work her magic to dress me, make me up and make me feel a sexy girl – as she has done so beautifully for the last four years. My one regret is that I live 12,000 miles away from Josie’s studio so more frequent visits are impractical.


Kiwi Stephanie



Dear Josie

I had a truly amazing day with you - one of the best days of my life. Thank you for making my first time so easy and fun. My apprehension soon melted away and I loved the whole experience. So many things stand out in my memory and so many of them were not what I expected to experience! Of course I loved wearing ladies' underwear, makeup and heels but more amazing was the feeling when I realised I was really a redhead, when I heard heels clicking down the street (and they were mine!), and when I realised I actually have good legs and a nice bum (thanks to your amazing wardrobe!). But the most amazing, totally unexpected feeling was opening my handbag and purse to pay for our coffees. Who could have predicted that! You offer an amazing service and I can't wait to come back!



Dear Josie,
Thank you so very much for a lovely day spent at Adam+Eves.You were kind with your time and very welcoming.iI had a very calm and enriching first makeover.I would not hesitate to visit you again in the future as I found the whole experience very enriching.
Your home and garden are both very beautiful and have a calm and tranquil atmosphere.Please keep me informed of any events you may think me suitable to attend if thats ok?
So any way thank you so very much
Love and hugs



Hi Josie 

I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. You talked me through everything and showed me the power that a corset and makeup can do, making any outfit and wig look great on me, something i never thought would happen. You brought out the woman in the me so much that at the end, i was disappointed to go back to reality and manhood. One photo particularly strikes me which i have attached. I look so feminine and happy that i'm second guessing that was me standing there. 
Thanks again. 


Dear Josie,

What would the tranny world be without you?

The way you take care of us gurls, cannot be described in words.

Thanks to you (and Suzi of course) I spent last Friday one of the greatest days of my life.

I was amazed by the outfit you choose for me,all this combined with  fitting undergarments,the lovely boots,the well chosen jewellery  and last,but not least, the expertly applied make up.

This all transformed me in the woman I always wanted to be and you performed this magic trick.And I felt great all the way till the end.

A thousand thanks and lots of kisses,




Just a note to say thank you very much for the wonderful makeup on Saturday. I looked far better than I ever thought possible!

Hope to see you again.




 Dear Josie

I am deeply grateful for the session yesterday; I cannot thank you enough.
I did get to the Way Out Club last night - between Primark and TKMaxx, I found most of what I needed.  
Thank you again and I hope our paths will cross again.
Kind regards and have a wonderful Sunday.


Josie, Just a quick word to thank you again for Thursday. I had a wonderful time. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time but I was very nervous about how I'd look 'end feme'. But you made me look great: the makeup was great; the wigs wonderful; the clothes and accessories brilliantly chosen. I felt quite a new girl... Indeed, it was realy quite a liberating experience and I really do now fell (and want) to go out dressed. Hope to see you again soon.Sabrina



Dear Josie, Thank you so much again for your kindness to me and your willingness to taxi me from Bethnal Green to your place and onwards to the Ibis hotel and back the next morning. Of course I am also grateful for the fabulous makeup, lingerie and jewellery and wigs you provide as well. Attached are the 3 pics you took of me on Saturday night. Should you wish to use them on your website or Flickr account, I would have no problem. Thank you again so much for all you have done for me on each occasion we have met. I do appreciate too the trust that you have always given to me even if we did not find an obliging cash point last Saturday night. Till the next time.
Angie xx



A quick text to say how much I enjoyed today and our shopping trip out. Thank you for being attentive especially when I was negotiating the escalators for the first time in heels!!!! Loved the outfits, makeup and chat. Hope to do it again soon and looking forward to seeing photos. Have fun in Scotland. Kate x i Josie, The memory stick arrived, thank you very much for sending it so promptly. I love the photos. I can see why you kept telling me to put my knees together, a couple of them are disgraceful! I'd love to come again really soon Thanks ......Cindy *blush*



Hello Josie, Just a quick E-Mail to again say Thank You for yesterday. You were very patient and understanding, and I apologise again if i caused a bit too much fuss/mess. Hopefully wont be too long til my next visit. Thinking about future ideas haven't dress as a Maid (French or other) Didn't notice any whilst plundering the rails (Then again wasn't looking) Would you have anything like that that would fit my ample frame? Looking at the photo's that were taken, they came out well, My favourites that you can pick out from for the website. Until next time A very happy and appreciative Jeri



Hi Josie, how are you? Yesterday night I had a great experience. When I think that I walked on the street dressed like a woman but above all with my stockinged legs showed to everybody I am still excited. I also liked very much the Wayout Club, Vicky Lee is very friendly and "girls" are beautiful just too much men, without them It would be better. Anyway thank you for everything and above all for your support. I hope to see you soon again. Giovanni...ooopss....Jenny ;))



Hi Josie, Thanks very much, can't wait to look at the photos. I'll definitely look at the flyer and am very keen to come again. I had so much fun you made me feel so welcome and understood and you are a genius with the make up. I can't thank you enough Getting some heels so I can learn to walk better and maybe some of my own clothes. Probably going to stick to having no bodyhair have been to the pool and the gym without any problems. For girls name i was thinking Cindy it's silly, girly and a little dated - apologies to any lady called Cindy! what do you think? Kind Regards Rob



Hi Josie Great to meet you on Saturday. I had a lovely time, the makeover was fantastic and there are some really beautiful photos! I hope to see you soon Chloe



Dearest Josie-
I got them (once I got home) and thank you so very, very much. Not just for the images, which I will spend a confidential moment looking at sometime soon, but more to the point, for the lovely time spent at your home, being able to let me be myself and feel so very comfortable and relaxed. I love your hospitality, and welcoming attitude. Perhaps I'll get you a date book for your birthday to keep girls like me organized when we come visiting! Hopefully I can come visit more frequently. In the mean time, please do by all means post a few on your web site, and I promise to keep in touch and keep you up to date on the "furthering adventures of Jennie in Girlland".
Much much much love,




I had a brilliant time and fun day today, I forgot to ask you what cosmetics you used.



Oh Josie The Photos!!!
What can I say they are fantastic and some of them are way beyond my expectations, I just don't know what to say except thank you.
I got home safely and I still haven't changed, I feel so good.

Marie xxxx



Many thanks for a lovely day! the day just flew by! Thanks for the make-up tips I will be putting them into practice!
Hope to see you again soon,

Chrissie xxx



Had an absolutely brilliant time with you today.
You put me at my ease and made it such fun.
I forgot to ask which cosmetics you used?

Love Steph x



Hello Josie
Thank you so much forgiving Suzanne such a good time on Wednesday
I like some of the photos although I need to lose some weight will be in touch soon
Suzanne and thanks again x



Hi there Josie,
I got the pictures. Thanks! It was nice seeing you the other day. Had a fun night at WOC.



Hiya both,
Just a quick thank you again. Still can't believe I did it, it's huge and if keeps seeping into my thoughts in a wonderful way, especially when I don't expect it.
It was a rush, and more so because I felt safe with the company and the wonderful ministrations from Josie. You all went above and beyond in helping me.
I talk a lot when I'm nervous, and even more when I'm piling back the Red Wine, so apologies if I gassed a lot.
Next time, and there will be a next time, I will be less terrified.
If someone could pass on my thanks to Sandra as well, that would be superb.
See you all soon.

Julie xxxxx



Hi Josie,
Thank you for a lovely day on Tuesday, looking forward to the photos.
Happy Valentines Day.
Barbara Homes xxx



Hi Josie
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon on Thursday.
As usual I loved it.
Belinda xx



Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. You are a true magician and a fantastic person. You made me feel relaxed and beautiful. I had so many emotions this evening - I was afraid I would break into tears and ruin my makeup. You accomplished easily what I've spent a lifetime trying. Now I'm inspired to recreate the experience. The dress was an added nice touch and I'll think of our time and the experience each time I wear it.
You are a wonderful person and I'm so glad I met you.



Do you want to look the best girl you possibly can? Do you want to experience the feeling of delicious femininity that so many of us love? If you do you should go to see Josie at Adam and Eve.
I spent a lovely afternoon with Josie. I think she achieved a fantastic look given the raw material she had to work with and I am proud to be one of the girls in Josie’s gallery. As important as the look is the feeling one has when dressed. Josie is so warm and welcoming that she immediately made me feel happy and relaxed. She understands that many of us want to be more "girlie" than many real women. While undoubtedly far from the truth Josie made me feel like the sexiest girl in the world! Priceless!



Dear Josie
Thank you for the wonderful dressing session this afternoon. I certainly came away with lots of new ideas. Your clothes were gorgeous and I had no idea that I could be pulled into such a convincing shape. I can't wait to see the photos.
And thanks for the lift back to the station. I hope the journey back was not too bad.
I shall certainly be round to see you again.
Katharine x



Dear Josie
Just a quick note to let you have my e-mail address and to say many thanks for all your help on Saturday.
As ever, it was a fabulous experience for me and couldn't have happened without you putting me in touch with Rachel and Helen. What a lovely couple of girls and what a great time we had in Brick Lane. Being one of Antoinette's sisters was just the icing on the cake (more beans Mr. Taggart?!!)
Hope you're well and that the business continues to flourish. You're such a fun and lovely person I don't know what we girls would ever do without you.
Take care and lots of love,
April x



Hello Josie,
I had a lovely day in your company yesterday.
You made me feel like a Princess and the Woman I have always wanted to be !!!
Thank you so much.
Love and Best Wishes
Marilyn E



Hi Josie
Just wanted to say what a lovely day I had on Wednesday xx
and the photos look great!

Maria x



hi josie,
photos of my recent visit to you now up on facebook tell me what think of them underwear brought from doreens fitted well and delighted with it thank you for everything you did for me last week and look forward to seeing you again at some time in 2013
barbara homes xxx



Hi Josie
Thanks for these, I am really pleased you did a great job as ever.
All the best and hope to see you soon.



Hi Josie,
Just a little note to say thank you so much for yesterday, I had a really wonderful time yes really despite the look on my face at times.
I was very nervous at first as I did not know what to expect from my first make over but you did not disappoint.
The one thing that was a surprise was the ease with which I could chat to you about things that I have kept hidden for so long.
I was looking forward to the dressing, make over and the photos but chatting with you while fully dressed was the biggest thrill of all.
I made it safely home by nine thirty but it was snowing most of the way and we woke up to about 4 inches of snow and it is still going How is the weather with you has London come to a grinding halt yet
Again I cannot thank you enough for a fantastic day
Trixy (aka me)



Just a note to thank you for another fabulous day! Your help and advice was really helpful for this novice. I am already counting down the days to my next visit!!
Kindest regards
Chrissie xxxx



Dear Josie
A Happy New Year!!!
I always pray to you and your families well.
King regard



Hi Josie
I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely marvellous day today. It went well beyond my expectations! I really enjoyed your company and will certainly look for a quick return,
Kindest regards



Hi Josie
thank you for wednesday and thursday going out with you in brick lane was brillant on wednesday also the dressing session was brillant on thursday looking forward to seeing the photos went to westfield shopping centre afterwards on thursday, really busy, the stadium is closed at the moment
thank you for everything
barbara homes xxx



Hi Josie,
I really enjoyed my visit Friday and am looking forward seeing the photos!
I hope you had a good weekend!



Dear Josie
Thank you for a great day on Thursday; I really enjoyed the experience.
Best regards,



Dear Josie,
Three days after my journey, I still smile thinking to our day together. It was funny, beautiful and really emotional to me. My first professional dressing, I was so curious to see what it was like. You make my day special. I do not have enough words to say thank you. It was even the first time I spoke about Arianna with someone who was not hided by a computer. It was real.
You were so kind, I didn't feel embarrassed neither for a minute. I hope to come back. I am not so frequent in London, but I will do my best for having another day with you. With 15 kg less hopefully!!!! I was astonished to how I looked like in the Pics. Am I so fat?!?!? I can know understand how girls feel...!
As far as the pictures: thanks for sending them to me. I have looked at them only for a minute (you can understand why...), I would like to choose the best ones for the website. Otherwise, you may loose customers if you publish all my pics!
Thank you again Josie. It was lovely to have spent a full morning between two made me feel special!



Hi Josie,
I just wanted to drop you an email to express my thanks for the fantastic experience I had at Adam & Eve this weekend. You really put me at ease and I had a wonderful time. Your advice was invaluable, I would never have gone for that wig colour but once on it looked great. I will be in London again in January and I will definitely be back.
Once again thank you.
Love Sarah



Dear Josie,
I enjoyed the my recent visit to you. I enjoyed going out for a small walk as Michelle, this was the next step for me and hopefully when I visit in 2008, I may do it again.
Love Michelle.



When Bing Crosby recorded that famous song, "When Irish eyes are smiling", he hardly had in mind a little dressing and make up studio in Brick Lane in central London. But Irish eyes were certainly smiling there when I paid a visit to the establishment that describes itself as, "London's friendliest dressing service", one Tuesday morning last September. There to meet me were two other Irish lassies, Christine and Maureen who happened to drop by that morning and by the time that Josie had completed her magical transformation on me, there were three pairs of smiling Irish eyes in that basement studio in central London.
For any establishment to claim to be the friendliest is a huge statement to make. And as I had never been to any other London dressing service, I cannot say if such a claim is accurate. But I can say this; Everything about Adam and Eves exceeded all my expectations. From the time that I walked down the steps to the studio, until I emerged again over two hours later, in terms of value, welcome, friendliness and service, I could have asked for no more.
The previous night I had been to the Phil beach and had an enjoyable evening there. So my confidence was high as I left Earl's Court for Liverpool St and walking down Bethnal Green Rd, I was full of anticipation of what lay ahead. From the moment that I met with Josie and we shook hands, whatever doubts or fears I had were immediately dispelled and I knew that I had made the right decision in coming here.
I so desperately wanted to learn how to do my make up properly. For years I had been doing my own and never could I achieve a result with which I could say that I was remotely happy with. Of course I was trying the impossible. Would it be possible for a bus driver to pilot concord or for a butcher to perform brain surgery? Of course not. But in Josie's capable hands I discovered that lashing on coats of foundation and congealer were not the way towards getting a good result. Josie took me slowly and patiently through the various stages, placing special emphasis on my eyes and lips. Areas that until now I had paid little attention to.
And what about the final result? When I looked in the mirror and viewed the finished product, I felt that I had been in the hands of a miracle worker or a magician and not a make up therapist.
Josie also offered me some real constructive criticism on my hair and clothes. A quick change of hair and dress had me suddenly looking ten years younger.
The best testimony that I can give to this wonderful establishment and to it's kind, generous and welcoming proprietors, is to say; Of all the decisions that June Collins ever made, of all the places that she has went, since she first set out on her journey many years ago, visiting Adam and Eve's has been the most important, most rewarding, the most fulfilling. The best thing that June ever did.
In the world in general and in the tv/ts --world in particular, there are people who are far from genuine and try to take advantage of us. But you Josie, you are genuine, kind and honest and that was my reason for giving you that big hug as I was leaving. I'll be back in London in January and again in March and you can expect a visit from me. And if Christine is there we will visit that internet cafe and go for a drink. That's a promise.
Many thanks and best wishes in the future----



Dear Josie,
Thank you for sending the disc. I love the photos and am delighted to be in your client gallery.
I really enjoyed my visit because you create such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I was also very happy with my make-up.
I look forward to visiting you again soon.



Thanks for a fantastic day and for transforming me into Louise.
I loved the all of the outfits, the purple and black dress with the boots and the little black dress at the end especially!!!
Will definitely be seeing you soon and can't wait to be that 'girl in the purple and black dress' at the Christmas party!!
My film will take at least a week to develop so can't wait for you to email me some of the photo's that you took. Really excited about being on the website!
See you soon and thanks again
Louise xxx



Hi Josie,
Just a short note on behalf of myself and Catherine to thank you for our visit to Adam and Eve on Monday. My wife found seeing my transition to Rachel a valuable and positive experience, and we have both been able to build on the day. I think meeting the other girls was useful for her as well, so if you could pass on our thanks to Marion, Christine and Helen we would be very grateful.
My two visits to Adam and Eve have both been 'life-changing' experiences for Rachel. My first saw me gain the confidence that led to me finally telling my wife, and now the second has seen us progress to a stage where we feel that we can learn to incorporate Rachel into our life together. Thank you.
Finally, I'm still interested in coming to the Christmas party, and can now do so openly and without having to concoct a 'cover story', which is wonderful. Whilst I may have something nice in my wardrobe by then (E-Bay is proving a wonderful place in that respect), I am still keen to slip into that blue sparkly dress again :-)
Once again, on behalf of Catherine and myself, thank you.



Hi Josie,
First of all a big thanks & hugs for yesterday. I was a little nervous but was hugely grateful for all your work. I looked amazing even I do say so myself.
I will be back! I'm certain, just not sure when...
If you could send the pictures that would be great. I've attached a couple from my camera to this email, if you want bigger sizes of the pictures then let me know.
Steph xx



Dear Josie,
I wish to state that I enjoyed my visit to you on Tuesday last. the selection of clothes was good. I enjoyed the looking at the photos.
I hope to return for another visit at soon time in the future. Maybe this time I could go on a shopping trip.
That's all for now,



Hi Josie,
one big thank you again for my birthday presents as I said to you and I do mean it from the bottom of my hart the dress is the most loveliest dress I have got and I cannot wait to go to the pub quiz in it and tell all the girls there that you got it for me I am also hoping more than anything that next time we go out shopping or do something instead of shopping that the weather on that day is right for me to wear the lovely dress
Did you have any luck with the lotto ticket as when I cut my birthday cake my wish was for you to win the lotto after all you have done for me and all my girlie friends down at a & e
lots of love carol your
little Yorkshire girl



Hi Josie,
I came by Saturday (Sara) and I just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and everyone who was there.
You may not have realised it but I was terrified at coming along (you may have realise by my shyness when I first got there) what with it being my first time fully dressed but everyone was so nice and friendly and you were an excellent hostess, I felt completely at easy and I really enjoyed myself.
I look forward to coming by again when possible
Thanks again
Sara x



Dear Josie,
Many thanks for a wonderful experience. I was so very nervous walking into your studio for the first time but you made me feel very relaxed and at home. Nothing was too much trouble for you and you made all my dreams come true. I loved the outfits that you choose and the final result was just fantastic. I have not stopped thinking about those magic 3 hours since I left your studio. I will definitely be back and I aim to venture out for one of your monthly trips to The Wayout club.
Karen xx



Dear Josie,
Thank-you for a wonderful experience last night. I was so nervous ! But after 5 minutes I felt comfortable and relaxed in your experienced hands !!
I can't wait to come again. I even told my wife last night and she was fine....I conviniced her to let me come a couple of times a year (maybe more, who knows ). So it will be nice that I don't have to lie.
Could you kindly send your pics to this email address please.
I will right a testimonial later today. See you soon
Karen xx Thanks



Dear Josie
Thank you so much for Saturday.
You showed me in two hours or so just how important Rachel is to me and that I must simply give her more of my time. As I said to you when we met I had reached a point where I just had to know how Rachel looked and when you showed me you also unlocked a door. However your skill goes beyond just revealing Rachel to me, through thoughtful words you also helped me understand her more and I now see with more ease just how I can gradually allow her more space.
Even though she must remain a secret to those close to me I now see a path whereby I can share so much more with her without involving others who may not want her in their life, and for that I am eternally grateful.
You are a treasure Josie and I so look forward to meeting up again soon.

Josie thanks for looking after me when I visited on Saturay I was nervous on the way but once i met you you made everything seem easy , iIfelt great ,you have a lovely set up and you transformed me into the woman i strive to be the photos look great and the outfits were great I cant wait to return and improve my femininity themake up was great and I loved the nails.

See you soon

Hugs Karen xx