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It is that time of year when girls who dress secretly at home  make a promise to themselves that this year they are going to visit a dressing service to get advice on styling, makeup and photos they are curious to see just how good they can look when they put themselves in the hands of a professional, girls who dress secrety at home often do so when their wife/partner is not at home and the whole process is rushed and full of apprehension in the fear that they will arrive home early and they will be caught so the whole experience isnt enjoyable and the proess is rushed often not with makeup as the removal eeds to be thorough and if rushed some can be inadvertantly left on.

Most new customers who visit have taken ages to search for the right service for them then the apprehensio of phoning often needing several attempts before they pluck up the courage to make that cal, but trust me when they doit is as if a weight is lifted and they feel elated, the feeling is even better when they finally make the appointment and arrive at the dressing service, I hae seen girls reduced to tears when they have seen the final results saying they never thought they could look that good and they wish they had made the appointment years earlier.

So if you are one of these girls and you do want to visit PLEASE DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER MAKE THAT CALL!!!! on 07470 635 097 or email do not wait a minute longer to see what can be achieved.



VIP Appointments at a Crossdressing Service

Crossdressing Services offer support and advice

Many girls who crossdress do so in private and secretly afraid that their secret will become known, if their wife/partner does know it is very rare that they are involved in this pastime, usually insisting it is done when they are not around and with the wish that they do not want to see any trace of the hobby, this is where the help of a crossdressing service comes to fruition, the need to get advice on makeup, wardrobe, style and the opportunity of meeting like minded girls are all available at a transvestite dressing service, some like Adam and Eve hold parties to enable girls to socialize and swap stories and everyone has a story to tell, they are made to feel that they are not a freak, so many girls come to Adam and Eve wondering why on earth they do what they do, and I always say "dont try to analyse this just enjoy the moment" for the very shy girls who are not ready to socialize but would just rather spend the time that they are at a dressing service on a 1 to 1 basis, most dressing services offer a one to one service, but if the girls are looking for something extra, the VIP appointments are popular, they get to have so many outfits on as the time is 5 hours plus, also have a makeup lesson, deportment advice and of course the obligatory photos and with the VIP appointments there are lots of photos. this is a really good way for girls to gain confidence, chat, relax have lunch a few glasses of wine, this always help girls to relax and to finally be happy with who they are, so you see crossdressing services do have a part to play in crossdressers/transvestites lives, they are a step to a life as a girl that they could only dream about, even if it is only for a few hours when time permits.


Escorted Trips out with a Crossdressing Service

Every girls dream is to go out in public but for so many girls this remains a distant dream, they often "dress" secretly at home with no opportunity to dress completely i.e. makeup and wig, as with lots of girls the opportunities to be a girl are snatched and the fear of being caught necessitates the need to be able to change back quickly should the need arise whereby people have returned early or unexpectedly, so girls are not often able to be transformed completely into the girl they so secretly crave to be to be able to see the complete finished article, this is where the crossdressing or dressing or transvestite dressing service whichever you wish to call it comes into being, giving the girls the opportunity to relax choose unlimited different outfits and have their makeup applied and have photos taken of the time with them which can be a lovely reminder of their short time they have been given to be a complete girl.
The dressing or crossdressing service also gives girls the opportunity to explore different looks and to try on outfits they would otherwise never think of wearing, also dressing services gives girls the oppportunity to develop their own particular style, and of course there is the opportunity to find the wig that will suit them, wigs cannot be purchased without the girls wearing makeup they just do not get the right effect and many have experienced very expensive mistakes by buying online "blind" what may seem a good idea when you are looking online turns out to be a complete mistake, so by having the opportunity of trying on different styles colors and lengths, these expensive mistakes can be avoided.
When girls have been given the chance to be totally transformed, they are almost always not correct that always amazed at how good they look and say I never thought I could look like this, that is the clue to the next phase of their journey, their confidence has just been given a massive boost and suddenly they want to be out to show the world just how good they look and just how proud they are of who they are.
Again the transvestite, crossdressing or dressing service comes into play as they nearly always arrange trips out where the more nervous girl can go out with a real girl and in the company of other like minded girls to the Theatre, lunch, shopping or whatever they wish to do, as an instance an Australian girl wanted to go shopping last week, which I arranged to Westfield shopping centre, Stratford, we had a lovely time she had a lovely time shopping for clothes and having lunch, I was on hand for guidance when purchasing items of clothing and makeup and support when we were having lunch, she enjoyed it so much she organised a Theatre trip on Friday to Wicked which we both enjoyed enormously she was amazed that no one was the least bit phased about her presence and we had a pre Theatre meal in an Italian restaurant close to the Theatre and she was thrilled when the Italian waiter addressed us as ladies and made a lovely fuss of her, so you see crossdressing, dressing, transvestite services offer lots of support to girls on their journey.


Four Must Know Tips for Cross-Dressing

Cross-dressing is when one wears the clothes that are supposedly meant for opposite genders. Some do it as a hobby while for others it is a passion. When one cross-dresses, it is important doing it in the right way to avoid unwanted attention or fashion criticism. If you are a man willing to dress up in woman’s attire then you must keep in mind that both are different from each other in structure and you need to cover up that difference. Just shaving your legs and getting a dress is not enough. You need to accessorize yourself as well. Two of the most common accessories used by cross-dressers are wigs and high heels. Here are the few tips that can be helpful while selecting wig, heels and more.

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The secret of cross dressing

Cross Dressers & Cross dressing in London

Cross dressers are the people who are born as Adam but have the inner desire to be Eve. This section of the society love to dress like a woman. They are known to be heterosexual and interesting thing is they are married people. They feel highly sexual when they wear women clothes and lingerie.

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