Girls who visit a Crossdressing service do so because of personal circumstances be it because they are not able to find time or opportunity to dress at home or because they have no feminine clothes of their own. This is usually because they fear that if they did have feminine things at home they would be discovered and their secret would be out. Most girls never reveal this side of their life to anyone and if their wife/partner does know invariably they do not wish to be involved and do not want to see any sign of it at home. Being a transvestite can be very lonely and in a lot of cases when they visit a Crossdressing service it is the first time they will have spoken to anyone about their feminine side. This is a hugely liberating experience for girls and I always feel privileged to be allowed to share this and help girls to make their first experience of a Crossdressing server a great one.

Daring to Venture Out, Your First Crossdressing Outing

Girls who visit a dressing service do so not only to have access to a vast wardrobe of clothes, shoes and wigs but also to have access to a wealth of knowledge and advice. This in turn helps girls with their confidence and enables them to progress to the next level of Crossdressing if they wish, which is venturing out. This usually starts with an escorted trip which is something that I myself join my clients on. I take girls to places where I know they will be comfortable and the exhilaration and excitement they feel for the first time is something that simply cannot be repeated. It does make them want them to venture out again and again whether it is with myself or with a group of confident girls.

Enigma Madhatters Ball – Crossdressers Out to Play

We have just returned from our first outing of the year which was to the Enigma Madhatters Ball at Woburn Safari Park, all the girls in the group first started out by visiting my dressing service and saying they would love to go out but would never be brave enough. You can see from the photos of this event in the gallery pages that they were brave enough and had a fantastic time to boot. Just think, in the not too distant future you could be like one of these girls, venturing out, joining in and having a great time in the form that makes you truly happy.