Hi everyone

It has been too long since I last updated the Blog so sincere apologies for that had lots of things happening at home which needed urgent attention, I have been really busy making girls look beautiful but alas havent had the time to concentrate on my website BUT!!! but that is changing also have got a problem with loading photos onto the website so if you are waiting to see your photos on the website please do be patient with me as I have the developers looking into it.

So what is hapening at Adam and Eve? well as usual the girls have been out and about and I have been excorting girls out for the first time be it just to the local coffee shop or to Westfield Stratford for the more ambitious, so what else is happening well Sparkle the national transgender celebration weekend is drwing near I am travelling up to Manchester with 3 girls and will be offering makeup appointments for the Friday and Saturday the cost is £50 for 1 makeover or £80 if you book 2 please contact me at adamandeve121@aol.com if you wish to make an appointment as the slots do tend to fill up.

There is more happening over the coming months but I will update you as and when the time is near.

So girls look forward to seeing you in Manchester if you are going and please do come over and say hello if you see me on Canal Street.




Josie xx