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If you were every wondering why you would want to visit a dressing service, I will exlain how it helped an American girl who came into me, she was visiting London and looked for a dressing service in London, the reason she hadnt dressed for some years and had never visited a crossdressing service and had been fully transformed, I was privileged that she chose me she was desperate to go out shopping but was not confident to go dressed which isnt a problem, so off we went to Westfield Shopping Centre for some girlie time, I suggested Primark as she didnt know whether she would be taking the clothing back and Primark didnt break the bank but it is good value for money and you do get the sizes, we chose a dress, skirt top and some lingerie and hosiery which when she went to pay was pleasantly surprised at how much it was. Then next stop Superdrug for makeup again they do brilliant 3 for 2 deals which was ideal for her budget so all in all it was a pleasant couple of hours. We returned to Adam and Eve for a makeup lesson and and photos in the outfits that she bought, all in all she was with me for 7 wonderful hours which passed so quickly unfortunately she is too shy to share her photos with us which is such a shame as she looked gorgeous but they are momentos for her to look at if ever she wants to remember her lovely appointment with me.



So much has happened at Adam and Eve I do not know where to start, I have had many girls booking for days out shopping the most popular destination is Westfield Stratford then into Balans for lunch, girls really do enjoy the experience of being "out" they cannot believe that they can mingle out without any problems, the secret is dressing appropriately, wearing comfortable shoes and feeling confident, I do tell girls who have booked a shopping day out on their journey in to look at what girls are wearing and that is the look that they need to replicate so that they blend in and do not feel out of place, if they follow these words of encouragement they will enjoy the experience.



Once again we headed off up to Scotland for this wonderful weekend, this would have been our 10th year in attending this wonderful event hosted by Lorraine, Louise and Gladys who was assisted this year by Danny the beard, every year we say "that was the best yet" and every year it is better, this year was no exception we made our way to Scotland a day before the event so girls could maximise their weekend away enfemme, the Thursday evening started with an Italian meal in Dunfermline 12 girls descended on Ciao Italian restaurant for a fabulous meal and a fun night out, on the Friday several girls headed off to Edinburgh for a bit of retail therapy, Friday evening was the Night of 100 80s Divas, I have to congratulate all the girls that attended this weekend, they got into the spirit of the evening there was a Jessica Rabbit, Blondie, Siousie Sioux, Dolly Parton, Alexis Carrington, Crystal Carrington I could go on and on what a fabulous evening, then on Saturday there was the Beauty pageant Miss TV Scotland and Miss Hide and Sleek one of the winners had come all the way from Australia to attend the event and was a worthy winner. We will be going again next year and if you have never attended if you can go to it you will have so much fun, the Adam and Eve girls will be there in force next year, why not join us?



Marie has previously come to me for a dressing appointment which she thoroughly enjoyed, she mentioned to me that she was toying with the idea as a present to herself of doing a pre- Raphaelite photoshoot, this period in time had a;ways intrigued her and she had a wealth of knowledge about it, she knew the artiststs, their models and the story behind each painting, her dream was to reproduce her favourite paintings and their poses, she had invested in a made to measure dress with accessories of the period, she also had a plethora of props, awhile later she got back i touch with me regarding the above, she was in the process of organising this but had been let down and asked me if I could help her with her dream, I jumped at the chance as I also thought it was intriguing, so I set about sourcing an appropriate wig, having first searched the internet for the appropriate look, I also knew a customer of mine who was interested in all things associated with this period and I knew she would have the appropriate sword, which she did and kindly loaned these to us so thank you Jayne, so the day arrived and after applying the appropriate makeup she was ready, I was truly impressed, Marie already had two locations she had sourced, so we headed off to the first Abbey Wood, which was a perfect setting with the ruins of an old Abbey dating back to before the 12th Century, after numerous photos hear, we set off to another location which was a Meadow with a stream this would be perfect for another idea that she wanted to reproduce, before we started on the second phase, we stopped for picnic which I had prepared where we chatted and discuss what we were going to do next, our second photoshoot started and we found lots of places that she was happy with.
After 5 hours shooting we headed back to Adam and Eve the day had been long and hot but so worthwhile, I know she will be happy with the photos, they will appear along with an article in the next issue of Transliving.





Marilyn has a special birthday coming up she wanted to celebrate with a present to herself that she can look back on with fondness, so she wrote to Bella Jay editor of Repartee Magazine and asked if she could do an editorial with photos for the magazine, she was told they would be delighted for her to do so.
Marilyn has often spoken about having a photo shoot for her birthday and has she has had a very difficult few years we though this would be a good birthday present and very therapeutic for her, she thought it would be inspirational for anyone who is facing difficulties in life to read. so we set about planning the photo shoot, the theme was going to be 50s Divas she came up with several names one I had never heard of so I googled the name to find out about her and of course the other name was Marilyn Monroe, we started planning this in February with Marilyn purchasing certain things she wanted and myself rifling through the wardrobe looking for the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress which I had in Black and Red sadly not in White but that did not matter.
So the day arrived, I was also busy getting two other girls ready for their ladies that lunch day in Brick Lane with a group of other girls, so off they ladies that lunch went, luckily the backdrop, and lights for the photo shoot were already in place, Marilyn loved the thought of a full on photo shoot. so we began,makeup applied first 50s style of course so Marilyn could get into character, so here we go camera, action roll, Marilyn is not shy in front of the camera she absolutely loves it and this day she did not disappoint, we clicked away until we ran out of space on the memory card.
To say she enjoyed the day is an understatement, she absolutely loved it the pictures speak for themselves